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Gaining certification to the R2v3 standard, establishes your commitment to customer satisfaction while:
Prepare for Certification to R2v3 Electronics Recycling & Reuse
We will collaborate with you one-on-one, onsite and off, to prepare you for audit, certification, and management of the R2v3 Responsible Recycling Standard. We prepare your organization for ANAB Accredited Registrar audit to the SERI R2:2013 Standard; mandatorily combined with RIOS or ISO 9001:2015, with ISO 14001:2015 and 45001:2018
What is SERI R2v3?
R2v3 is the defacto standard for electronics repair and recycling. It provides a common processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements for businesses that repair and recycle used electronics. R2 is independently audited, and emphasizes quality, safety, and transparency. More than 1000 facilities, in more than 20 countries are currently R2 certified. 

Although the R2 Certification is the only certification managed by non-profit organization Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), this certification can only be attained in combination with other approved environmental, health and safety management systems, including either: a.) R2v3 with Recycling Industry Operations Standard (RIOS), or b.) R2v3  with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.
>> Significantly improving operating and market performance.
>> Creating customer confidence and retention.
>> Opening doors to new domestic and international opportunities.
>> Providing advantages over uncertified competitors.
>> Identifying weaknesses and improve internal processes.

To find out more about how we can help you in your certification effort... contact us here... or take about 10 minutes to complete the form found here for a more detailed [accurate] quote.

Why is R2 Accreditation Important?
Holders of R2:2013 must have updated to R2v3 as it is now de facto standard, and mandatory for organizations which recycle electronics, and performs all of this associated processes and procedures.

In addition to demonstrating an organization's commitment to environmental, safety and security concerns associated with electronic scrap processing, this management system provides for:

>> A distinct advantage over unaccredited competitors, who [often] cannot even participate.

>> A demonstrated, proactive, management of risks; onsite, offsite, and through the downstream recycling chain.

>> Establishing preferred supplier status with government organizations and prime contractors.

>> Alleviating stakeholder safety concerns.

>> The improvement environmental awareness and legal compliance.

>> The collection of electronics from government agencies at all levels; which require R2v3

>> Creation new opportunities by meeting certification or accreditation conditions found in e-scrap contract requirements.

For more information, about implementing or upgrading to R2v3 request a detailed quote, please contact us today.
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