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Since 2001, we have helped small and large businesses obtain and manage successful contracts for selling products and services to federal, state, and local* agencies as well as large government prime contractors.

With agreements based on performance, we don't succeed  unless you do. This starts by ensuring you are qualified for, and awardeed the most appropriate and beneficial contract vehicle for your organization.


Our onsite and offsite consulting services provide for collaboration and development of effective B2G  and B2B2G programs.

Select GSA Schedules allow state, local & tribal agencies to purchase IT services and products for Law Enforcement, and other specific entities; call for more information,

Selling to Government

Agencies & Contractors

Visit the Steps to Award Page and feel free to contact us at +1 (813) 476-5150 or by using form below to learn more about these opportunities, or discuss ways to capitalize on this market.  

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Government Contracts Open Doors

Government Contracts provide a solid foundation and powerful sales tool for establishing domestic and foreign opportunities. To discover new opportunities for your company and learn more please see what is a GSA schedule and what it is not. If you would like to find if you qualify, please feel free to contact us.

Finding Opportunities

Gaining access to government business opportunities can be challenging for companies due to the steep learning curve and enhanced compliance standards. It requires a higher level of leadership engagement, internal process alignment and ongoing support than many expect. See a step-by-step representation of the award process.

Plan and Grow

Guidance Group helps you to anticipate, prepare, submit, negotiate and administer your GSA and other contract vehicles with:

  • 20 years of successful state, federal, and international market development experience. 

  • Expertise in developing/modifying management systems to comply with ISO, OHSAS, R2, RIOS
    and other accreditations.


GSA Schedules

Guidance Group LLC will assist you in determining eligibility for certification and the most efficient path for addressing system gaps to meet desired objectives... more.

GSA Schedules

Guidance Group LLC  helps companies draft professional contracts, statements of work and performance ... more.

GSA Contracts

Guidance Group LLC will help you position your products and services for exposure to new markets & opportunities, to learn more ... more.

GSA Schedules

Guidance Group LLC can help you develop compliant systems attract more business and opportunities... more

GSA Schedules

5% discounts to Veteran Owned, and Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned (VOB & SDVOB) Businesses.

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