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  • Provide a primary communications flow

  • Create flowcharts for processes

  • Prepare and conduct gap analysis

  • Assign corrective and preventive sections

  • Manage implementation project

  • Review and revise documentation

  • Promote system adoption​

  • Develop manuals and forms

Create Opportunities With Accreditation and Certifications
Certifications are powerful tools and provide a competitive advantage for winning contracts in domestic and international marketsWe partner with you to plan, develop, and support certification programs for meeting the stringent requirements of ISO, OHSAS, R2, RIOS and other standards. By meeting these standards you will significantly improve operating and market performance. 
Through site visits, in-depth interviews, and development of common groundwork, management systems are implemented and integrated without disruption to ongoing operations; by using the AuditXL platform to prepare for, and perform your internal audits,
the implementation is seamless and Registrar audit success is guaranteed... contact us for more information.
We Work With You From Beginning to Certification


  • Implement required system procedures

  • Review and revise management system

  • Develop and publish manuals

  • Finalize drafted procedures

  • Implement  procedures & instructions

  • Appoint and train auditors

  • Conduct Internal Audit #1

  • Perform management review

  • Complete Corrective Actions

  • Conduct Internal Audit #2

  • Select a registrar

  • Stage 1 Audit - Document review

  • Stage 2 Audit - Final Audit

  • Receive Certification


  • Create certification goals & objectives 

  • Define system depth & breadth

  • Identify applicable regulations

  • Begin weekly team meetings

  • Create system training program

  • Appoint the management system team

  • Create an organization chart

  • Appoint a system manager

  • Purchase the proper standard

  • Define the company and its activities

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